Why do you need a License ?

The license agreement goes a long way in substantiating the credentials of a company/entity as a value provider to its customers. It also ensures that one can always be relaxed and not worry about the legal implications by lawfully having the rights to showcase the content. The increasing size & scale of Indian economy and the growing penetration of internet connections is likely to feed the growing appetite of Indians for a wide variety of content. In view of this, leading producers, content owners & copyright owners in the country have been issuing licenses. Following are some of the reasons why one needs a license:

- To run/manage a business in a LEGAL way

- The license agreement ensures a fair, transparent & equitable distribution of monetary benefits across the value chain as well as prevents an organization/individual from getting into a legal complication resulting in unwanted losses.

- There are multiple platforms on which the end user can consume film, non-film & audio content like TV, Internet, Mobile and other new media platforms.

- The protection provided by copyright creates an atmosphere conducive to creativity, which induces the content producers, content owners & copyright owners to create more and motivates others to create.

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