Bus Transport Companies:

India's bus industry makes over 50,000 buses & coaches every year, making it the world's second largest market. In the bus transportation sector, as customers and competition increases, the bouquet of services offered by several bus operators on many routes across the country has increased in quantity & quality over the past few years.

Consequently, entertainment during travel is becoming a key differentiator which not only helps in enhancing the brand of the bus operator but also ensures repeat travel by the passengers.

Importance of getting a license:
 With the modernization of the bus transport sector and the increase in well-informed and demanding commuter base, it is imperative on the part of Bus Travel Operators to comply with the law and showcase only licensed content in their buses thereby protecting their goodwill and avoiding any legal bottlenecks.

 It is important to note that with the increasing clout of legal framework in India protecting the rights of copyright owners, content piracy on board buses is becoming more & more difficult & risky.

 Showcasing movies or any other type content on board would help generate that additional revenue for the bus transporters as well as build a brand around the service offerings in this increasingly competitive landscape.

Shemaroo offers a wide range of content which can suite the tastes of millions of passengers commuting by bus every day.

Who should get this license?
Bus Transport companies :

Private Travel Operators
Government Bus Transport Undertakings

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