Recreational Clubs


With increased spending on health & fitness by members of health clubs/recreational clubs across the country, expectations have correspondingly risen in terms of the value added services offered by the recreational clubs. For instance, occasional showcase of movies, audio songs or any other content to its members by a club classifies as a value added service. Such showcasing of movies or any other content increases the popularity of clubs and goes a long way in retaining its members.

While the audience may be limited to club members, any content exhibited at these types of facilities still requires a license.

Importance of getting a license:
 Shemaroo offers a variety of content that allows recreational clubs to showcase any content that appeals to guests of all ages.  Movies, for instance, are an easy & affordable way to provide entertainment.

 Showcasing movies and other content without prior licensing can attract penalties and proceedings in a court of law. Hence in order to avoid bad publicity & loss of money and maintain its goodwill, a recreational ought to get license for showcasing content to its members.

Who should get this license?
 Recreational Clubs
 Fitness Centers
 Gyms etc.

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